Hood River Hobbies, LLC
110 4th Street, downtown Hood River, Oregon
email: contact@hoodriverhobbies.com

Hood River Hobbies, LLC was established in 1999. In 2011 Miko and Zed Ruhlen were thrilled to take over ownership representing their long-time dream to own a business related to our passions in a community that we love.

Zed has been passionate about RC aircraft modeling for over 20 years. The whole family enjoys gaming, crafts, rockets, bird watching, and outdoor activities.

We at Hood River Hobbies, LLC believe that hobbies are for sharing with friends and family. We strive to provide space and coordinated activities to help people meet up to share in their hobbies together. We sponsor a variety of classes and events, and also support community clubs and activities.

We also strive to provide quality service and support for products our customers purchase so that you can really enjoy your hobby!

Thank you for supporting our independently owned, family-run hobby and game store in Hood River, Oregon.